A new Web Design Newcastle Page has been created on the Autus Website listing featured company websites within a specific area. A short description of the particular company, for instance Kingsmere Guest House, is included drawing attention to the client’s area of expertise, or detailing the  service provided, plus any points of interest such as the proximity of the guest house  to numerous excellent tourist destinations, facilities and activities in the South Shields,Sunderland and Newcastle vicinity. Site navigation is encouraged through a series of carefully targeted links designed for the viewer and the Google or Bing search engine. Kingsmere Guest House is one of a growing number of  forward thinking hotels to recognise the client winning potential of a well managed, fully optimised website to promote,  inform and advertise their business.

The Kingsmere Guest House website has several attractive images showing different views of the B&B in South Shields,  information for guests and potential guests advising on how to maximise the enjoyment and comfort of their stay. There is also a page explaining and detailing the Tarrif you can expect to pay for each style and size of room.