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Plant HireIn the face of the ongoing pandemic, the Federation of Master Builders [FMB], have set out some important advice for builders and others within the construction sector. Staying safe during lockdown and beyond is a priority with everybody, especially when working around other people in places like Stratford. FMB recommend: –

1. Being prepared

A recent campaign developed by TrustMark called ‘Work Safe, Safe Work’ aims to make consumers aware of how to prepare for any planned building work. They also offer guidelines and suggest key questions to ask your builder at the start and throughout the project.

2. Watch out for rogue traders

Covid 19 brings more disadvantages than just the obvious ones, such as an increase of opportunist fraudsters. Affectionately known as ‘cowboys’, these unscrupulous individuals seek to take advantage of home owners eager to get jobs finished. It’s easy to throw caution to the wind when a fast and cheap solution is proposed. Reports by Trading Standards indicate raised levels of activity of this kind, and people are urged to be patient.

3. Leave it to the experts

Unless it’s jobs you are confident with like painting and decorating, it’s best to let the professionals carry out the work. It also goes without saying that you should never undertake electrical work or anything gas related!

4. Don’t pressure your contractor

Don’t get frustrated and put pressure on your builder, maybe asking them to cut corners, as this could negatively affect health and safety procedures. Accept that your building project is likely to take a little longer at the moment as rules designed to protect all will be in place.

5. Stay in contact remotely

Frequent communication is essential if work is to be completed safely and to the satisfaction of everybody concerned. Stay in touch with your workmen by phone or email etc to remain updated, and be alert to cyber crime.


If you feel capable of successfully carrying out work yourself, remember you can hire tools and equipment [like mini diggers] from specialists like our clients Rhinos Plant Hire. Rhinos offer an outstanding range of high quality products from major plant manufacturers.


Rich Content for Responsive Design Websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile Friendly Digital Marketing