There is a natural desire amongst most people to have the ability to live and bathe independently when they wish and without fuss or inconvenience. This is not always possible due to various reasons and some assistance getting in and out of a bath is sometimes required. In this situation there is an ideal solution in the form of specially designed Bath Lifts. Clever features like retractable belts and an in-built thermometer make products like the Relaxa Bath Lift a leading piece of equipment. For portable convenience the inflatable Bath Buddy is another winning product which can be taken on holiday, on family visits or wherever you wish to go. There are no metal parts to damage or scratch baths or decor and all electrical components remain outside the bathroom. An ergonomically designed bathing experience comes with the Bellavita Bath Lift incorporating state of the art features such as a lowering ability of 6cm depth and raising height of 48cm. There is also a back rest that can recline to 50 degrees and has ultra light fittings for travel. The Molly Bather is another amazingly simple yet vastly effective innovation which includes a sturdy padded drying seat and no less than five possible adjustment styles. All of these products are safe, reliable and come with manufacturers guarantees.