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Slate has been used for a range of practical applications within the UK and Europe for centuries due to its versatile and functional nature. It performs well as roofing or as flooring in commercial or residential settings and is popular with many who value the charm of natural materials. People also seem to like the fact that part of their building has been quarried rather than manufactured.

The natural formation of slate beds involved geological shunting, pushing and pulling on a monumental scale over incredibly long periods of time. The process millions of years ago, included heat subjection, pressure, folding and recrystallising of silt and mud deposits. All of this action resulted in sediments metamorphosing into new rock. Some slate has been dated as over 640 million years ago, which is a little mind boggling when you see this beautiful material forming a stunning set of steps or smart kitchen flooring in the present day!

Slate is an ideal choice whether it’s for a modern or traditional style environment, and is used to enhance high end architecture. In fact slate is a favourite with architects and designers due to its attractive qualities allowing it to fit in perfectly with most projects. It is highly durable and resistant to cracks and scratches, which is handy to know especially where there are pets. Another plus here is that it is of course stain resistant and waterproof, which is why it is used extensively for roofing. It isn’t slippery so from a safety point of view it works well

Low maintenance slate comes in a fab choice of shades too apart from the obvious grey tones, and it has its own distinctive clefts and grains. Although it is easy to care for with a simple mop, it needs to be sealed properly, and repeated from time to time. Our clients Lawco Flooring are the experts when it comes to the care and repair of all kinds of stone flooring including slate, marble, granite, terrazzo and limestone. Take a look at their website for more information and advice.


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