Database Development

Do you need your website to gather, display, or manipulate information? If so then you may need a database powered dynamic website. Autus specialises in bespoke database design and development for the web. Database powered websites can handle large amounts of data that a standard static website simply cannot cope with. If you have information which needs regular updates or where updates are time critical, for example your catalogue of products or prices, then a database powered website would be the solution.

mySQL & Other Database Technologies

Database technologies used include mySQL, PHP, ASP, MSSQL & MS Access.

Content Management Systems

With each bespoke database we also build a Content Management System (CMS) tailored to meet your specific requirements. Every CMS is built to exacting web standards with particular attention being paid to the overall User Experience (UX) making each CMS intuitive and easy to use. This way live updates and changes to your website can be implemented quickly and in-house by non-technical staff.

Processes Requiring Databases

Some examples of why you might need a database powered dynamic website are:

  • Showing price lists

  • Displaying menus

  • Listing you product catalogue

  • Managing event registration

  • Collecting email addresses for mailing lists

  • Displaying photo galleries of work

  • Managing members lists

  • Showing current job vacancies

Database Development Skills Base

Our lead database developer has 20 years of commercial application experience and an honours degree in Computer Science. So we have the knowledge and technical experience in-house to tackle your bespoke database requirements. Call our Salford office now on 0161 278 2534 to discuss your web based database requirements.

Database Projects – Examples

Trade Window Services, Leigh on Sea, Essex

Trade Window Services is a major player in double glazing in Essex and Kent. TWS install for retail customers and for house builders, as well as supplying to the trade.

TWS instructed Autus to develop an online Window Quote tool. Customers can use the tool to produce a price for their new UPVC windows, from a single window unit to a whole house. The customer uses the online tool to work their way through a 6 step process selecting their desired frame colour, options such as handle type, locks, energy rating, frame style, dimensions and glass type. The customer is able to build up their quote and save it for later reference. A copy is also sent to Trade Window Services , for reference when a customer makes contact to discuss placing an order.

The challenges involved in developing this online tool related to the sheer number of configuration options and respective prices. It was decided that a bespoke database using mySQL was the best solution for storing and retrieving this information. In order to provide a seamless user experience the following technologies, development techniques and programming languages were also used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript) and PHP.

If you would like to view the Window Quote tool please visit the Trade Window Services website here:

CODAS, Salford, Manchester

CODAS is a market leading software solution for fuel distributors developed in Manchester by software house CDS. CDS came to Autus with a very specific requirement. Whilst their existing software facilitated their customers being able to sell their fuel and take orders over the telephone, they wanted to offer their customers the option to sell fuel online.

CDS have a team of software developers in house however they lacked the knowledge and experiencing of developing software for the web, this is where Autus came in. We designed and developed a ‘white label’ bespoke online e-commerce enabled web system which integrated seamlessly with the existing CODAS database.

Information was passed between our online solution and the CODAS database at numerous points in the ordering process using XML (eXtensible Markup Language). XML was designed specifically to store and transport data and as such was deemed a good fit for this project.

Payments are taken using either SagePay or GlobalPayments as these were two providers CODAS customers were already using. Upon successful payment the software saves the transaction to the CODAS database with order notifications being sent by email. Other technologies used included HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and AJAX.

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We have the knowledge and technical experience in-house to tackle your bespoke database requirements. Call us now on 0161 278 2534 to discuss your web based database requirements.

Database Technologies

MS Access

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