We have been with David and Autus since 2001. He developed a website for us, on a restricted budget at the time, as we were a new start business. Over time Autus have grown our website and even though it wasn’t the largest in the business, and David did have to squeeze updates out of us, we have always been prominent in the search engines for our key phrases and this has helped to attract some big name clients as well as lots of smaller scale industrial door projects and maintenance work.

In 2010 we decided that we needed to review our web presence. The old site had served us well but it was time to move on. We explained our plans to David and between us we developed the new structure for the website. Autus produced a crisp new concept and re-launched our site. We are getting a very good response to the site, especially for our new door range. David has got the IDC site very well placed for even more searches and we are really pleased with the results.