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Autus are happy to welcome new clients Luxlite LED Solutions with the recent launch of their website, and look forward to a long and successful association.

As incandescent light bulbs are phased out, and consumers are forced to consider alternatives, they are becoming aware of the incredible advantages and long term savings involved with LED lighting. Standard bulbs have always been relatively inexpensive and widely available, also burning out quite frequently. In the past most people never gave a second thought to buying and replacing their light bulbs, although frequently having to climb ladders to reach light fittings, has always a problem, as is the eternal quandary of how to responsibly dispose of the old bulbs.

There are a selection of lighting options which will save the homeowner money on fuel bills, and the inconvenience of repeated bulb replacement, one of the most effective being LED, or light emitting diode. Internationally recognised as a highly satisfactory and acceptable substitute for standard forms of lighting, LED is being incorporated into systems within airports, hospitals, shopping centres and for street lighting. Clean and eco-friendly, LED lighting will out perform most other types of lighting, and will quickly return any initial outlay. Additionally, where LED is implemented in a large scale commercial setting, substantial time and money is saved as there is less need for continual stock replenishment, maintenance and replacement.

The longevity of LED lighting means that you can expect to see around 11 years of performance before the product even begins to dim! With an energy efficiency of 80%-90%, LED lighting loses only 20% of its electrical energy to heat etc. This leaves traditional light bulbs in the shade as they lose 80% of their electrical energy as heat. LED lighting is exceptionally versatile, contains no damaging toxins, is 100% recyclable, gives off minimal infra-red and almost zero emissions. It is also unaffected by weather conditions, making it perfect for all kinds of outdoor lighting in a domestic or commercial environment.

Luxlite LED solutions are increasingly acknowledged as market leaders in energy efficient LED lighting, offering a high quality product which is subject to an advanced manufacturing process. In depth consultation with lighting production experts and users has resulted in an enhanced specification lighting solution. Luxlit LED Solutions stock a wide variety of LED products such as ASA floodlights, circular flat panels, square flat panels, circular surface bulkhead lights, G4 & G9 dim-able lights, LED tubes and LED strip lighting.

They also offer a 3 year warranty on all energy saving lighting, and FREE delivery on all orders over £100.

For more information call Luxlite LED Solutions on 01253 890211

ASA Floodlights, G4 & G9 Dim-able Lights, LED Strip Lighting, LED Tubes, Circular & Square Flat Panels