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Are you bombarded by self styled ‘Search Engine Optimisation Specialists’, promising each of us top positioning on Google and the other search engines?

A a website owner, it is unlikely you will use the recommended SEO techniques yourself. But it is useful that you are aware of them and we will explain the logic behind them, showing you how Google works, to help you to understand why certain techniques are effective.

Once your website is established on Google it will cache (scan) your website every 4 – 6 weeks. This means it will visit it to gather information on the website, searching for new data, to assess where it should place it.

Page Tag

You can usually see this located at the top left side of your screen, above the toolbar. It is an open invitation for us to tell Google precisely what your website is about. You have around 60 – 80 characters to provide this information. It is our experience that around 70% of the websites we analyses fail to maximise the potential of this very simple yet critically important tool.

H Tags

You may recognise the H1 tag as the strap line or slogan. It is the first heading on each of your web pages. Google places high importance on the first major heading on a page – the logic being that this should contain some prime keywords. So, your webmaster should help Google by loading some prime keywords into the H1 Tag, whilst keeping it meaningful and interesting for the human visitor.

Paragraph headings (sub headings) should be ascribed as H2 Tags. These should contain keywords pertinent to the content of the paragraph.

We also find It helpful to Google to have a further tag, an H3 tag, at the bottom of the page. Here we summarise the prime keywords on the page, in properly structured sentences.

Keyword Density

On each of your web pages, Google will attempt to identify your keywords, and in applying the techniques above we are able to help the search engine considerably. It will then scrutinise the general body text of each page to see how frequently the keywords are used, in proportion to other words – and calculate the keyword density. It expects to see a density in the region of 5 – 10%. More than this and it starts to suspect the webmaster of spamming, and reacts negatively. No need for us to detail the consequences, just don’t do it.

The inclination to over stuff keywords is now diminishing, as Google is placing less emphasis on this indicator, in favour of more sophisticated ones.

Semantic Keywords

Google helps webmasters with appropriate keyword loading of the text by using semantic keyword analysis. This means recognising similar words to the prime keywords. So for example if we are detailing a company’s speciality in building renovation, we could consider using refurbishment, rebuild or redesign.

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    • Autus developed my website in 2005 and it is now my prime source of advertising. I try to keep the website content right up to date and David gives me ‘gentle reminders’ about how important this is. My website is very well placed for the search phrases that are important for my business and whilst more would always be welcome I get a good flow of enquiries through the website. Autus keep me informed of the latest trends and techniques used for promoting websites and we sit down and go through how these can be applied to my website.I get a lot of enquiries for our beauty therapy services from people living in the Bolton area, which I would expect. It is also nice that I get enquiries from way outside the Bolton area, with one lady travelling from London to visit my salon. And the lady continues to visit us which is nice, because attracting a new client is an achievement but retaining a client from so far away is very gratifying.
      Shelley Halsall
      Proprietor, Body Perfect Salon, Bolton
    • Natural stone floor cleaning & maintenance is a very specific niche market. David Clough is obviously very experienced in market analysis and product placement as well as web design. He sets out the content of our website and adds to it regularly to keep the website fresh and interesting. We simply answer his questions and provide the information and David’s staff do the rest. We get some very interesting new jobs from the website, people contacting us with specific problems who would never have found us any other way.With business and budgets very tight just now, all enquiries are welcome. The website enquiries have led us into some interesting areas of business which Autus have expanded upon and helped to develop, especially natural stone cleaning for domestic clients.
      Frank Lawrence
      Lawco Flooring, Leigh, Wigan
    • David build our website a number of years ago and the design does seem to stand the test of time, as other hair dressers often comment on the style and design of the site.We now have quite a lot of experience of website activity relating to the hairdressing business and David visits us regularly to help us to update the site. All of our updates are done as part of a continuous development strategy for the website. This helps to ensure that our visitors see fresh material when they visit the site. It also helps with our search engine positioning for a number of very specific key phrases for us.We have tried out selling hair care products on the web. We discovered that this needs quite a heavy resource in terms of staff time to maintain the currency of the website and to deal with order fulfilment – people always order what you don’t’ have in stock…! Hair care products is a very competitive area of web trading and as David says “there is always someone who needs the order more than you, and will sell the product £1 cheaper to get the deal”So we now concentrate on attracting people to our salon for specific services. Ionic hair straightening is a speciality of ours. David has applied numerous techniques to get us well placed on the search engines for this service. We have visitors from East Lancashire, Cumbria and even a couple of ladies from Malaga, Spain, who found us through our website…!
      Daryl Gibbs
      Trimmers, Skelmersdale, Wigan
    • Autus designed and built my website in January 2008. The website design is first rate and I receive a lot of comments simply about the design and clear navigation of my website.More importantly for me, I also receive a healthy level of enquiry from new customers from the website. They tell me that the information on my website is very helpful and that this gives them the confidence to call me, as we all know that there are some less than scrupulous operators in the building business.I have regular meetings with David to plan and add content to the website. This means that visitors to the website can see fresh and interesting news and it also helps with the search engine optimisation. I have good positions on Google for the search phrases that are important to me and David explains to me why we add certain kinds of content to reinforce my search engine positioning in a very competitive market.
      Simon Parden
      SJP Building Services, Wigan
    • We have been with David and Autus since 2001. He developed a website for us, on a restricted budget at the time, as we were a new start business. Over time Autus have grown our website and even though it wasn’t the largest in the business, and David did have to squeeze updates out of us, we have always been prominent in the search engines for our key phrases and this has helped to attract some big name clients as well as lots of smaller scale industrial door projects and maintenance work.In 2010 we decided that we needed to review our web presence. The old site had served us well but it was time to move on. We explained our plans to David and between us we developed the new structure for the website. Autus produced a crisp new concept and re-launched our site. We are getting a very good response to the site, especially for our new door range. David has got the IDC site very well placed for even more searches and we are really pleased with the results.
      Jason Haye
      Director, Industrial Door Co, Salford, Manchester

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