In recent years technological advances have begun to make substantial changes in the area of criminal activity. There are many measures which when put into place can make theft a less attractive option such as good solid locking systems, clever concealment of property and CCTV cameras. If these efforts have proved ineffective and an item or piece of property has been taken there are now ways of rendering the stolen goods useless to the thief or anyone else wishing to profit from them. Property can be made completely identifiable and traceable in a number of simple ways helping to locate the item. Companies like DataDot Technology have developed several ground breaking innovations designed to prevent theft and counterfeiting . One such innovation is DataDotDNA incorporating minute microdots containing specific information and linked to a database. These microdots are applied liberally to an area of the item or property, can be located with a UV light and are impossible for thieves to completely remove. The knowledge that they will not be able to ‘pass on’ the stolen goods is enough to deter thieves and it can be used on most surfaces. DataTraceDNA is another form of protection designed primarily for the commercial market and allowing items to be marked and identified. These products are ideal, very effective and used internationally as an aid to crime prevention as shown in police statistics. The Tracking-Locating website is search engine optimised and has details of other excellent ways to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property from theft.