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The concept of ‘Men’s Sheds’, is one which has really taken off in the last few years, and these places of male sanctuary are popping up all over the place! Villages, towns and cities throughout the UK, are seeing the formation of little communities, where men [for the most part] can converge to partake in the finer things of life such as woodwork, chatting and drinking tea. Perhaps they live alone, or are just happy to get from under the feet of their spouses for an hour or two. In these community sheds, men engage in their hobbies, catch up with each other, share DIY tips and relate news, oh and not forgetting having a laugh and a joke

Apart from all the fun though, this shed activity is serious business, allowing people who are maybe retired, and don’t have much to do, to feel vital again. These sheds have filled a gap for many, and have even been described as ‘life changing’. Tackling the issue of loneliness in older men, and helping them to pass the time and socialise is one of the original aims of the sheds, which were initiated by charities like Age UK. Another consideration was that as men find it more difficult to talk about their feelings, this is exactly the kind of environment that would encourage this form of communication.

Successful sheds are frequented by men who love to make or repair things, and they are able to share equipment that they may not be able to afford to buy. Shed members or ‘Shedders’ as they are known, report extremely positive experiences from using their local men’s shed. Comments include ‘It gives me a purpose for getting up in the morning’, ‘Before I joined the shed, days used to take a long time to go’, ‘My blood pressure has gone down’ and ‘I get banter, companionship and friendliness’.

Our clients SM Garden Sheds love the idea of Men’s Sheds, but then they would, it has the word ‘shed’ in it! Why not take a look online and see if there is a ‘Men’s Shed’ near you, or think about starting one yourself!

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