Companies who are ahead of the game are learning very quickly the benefits of  not only search engine optimising their business website but also adding a blog. This facility can be either  fully or partly managed by Autus Web Design & Marketing who can steer the blog and consequently the website towards its ultimate goal, a greater presence on the web. The Google search engine constantly monitors and assesses website activity or more importantly lack of it.  Additions to websites in the form of articles, additional pages  like the TWS Orangeries page or blogs such as the TWS Orangeries Blog on the Autus website, gain positive results. Clients report amazing results following placement of a blog on their search engine optimised website in the form of frequent visits to the site prompting enquiries from potential customers resulting in substantially increased sales.

Another function of a website Blog of course is to update and inform potential customers about changes to the company, changes in legislation, new products or services, related news and innovations, special offers etc.  All of which indicates an active and vital ‘finger on the pulse’ business.

Possession of a professionally designed search engine optimised website including keywords, page tags and headers and supplemented with a Blog, Articles and other regular additions is paramount to the guaranteed success of a business in todays climate. For a good example of the look and feel of a carefully designed Blog see our recently added TWS Orangeries Blog.