For a beautiful and long lasting home improvement many people opt for natural stone flooring such as marble, terrazzo, mosaic or granite. Each of these materials has its own unique qualities and there is no lack of variation, with many colours, naturally occurring patterns and finishes.

Stone flooring ticks all the boxes in many cases transforming any domestic, industrial or commercial space into an area of stunning practical chic. Natural stone flooring is also ecologically friendly, adding to its desirability. Whether you choose materials like marble polished to a glass like finish, mosaic with its versatility, terrazzo for unique individuality or granite, attractive and robust, you won’t be disappointed with your choice.

There are two crucial requirements to consider when deciding on natural stone flooring which cannot be stressed enough. Firstly this kind of flooring has to be installed by experts with extensive hands on experience. Any attempt at installation by an untrained person can result in expensive and time consuming reparation. A less than skilled job could fail to achieve the required finish leaving an uneven and messy looking conclusion. Secondly each type of stone floor needs its own specific care regime which is best carried out by a practised maintenance professional. Harsh chemical cleaners are often used by householders or unqualified contractors which damage the surface and destroy the flawless elegance of the stone. Harley Carpets can provide Installation and Maintenance of natural stone flooring. to the highest standard. Marble, granite, terrazzo and mosaic are all fitted, restored and cared for using the latest products and technology such as Italian diamond and Italian machines. Harley Carpets offer a selection of other quality products and services such as shutters, mattresses, underlay all detailed on their SEO website. For more information call Harley Carpets on 01277 224015