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autus bMobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other hand held devices are a firmly established part of modern life these days. Almost everywhere you go you will see them being used for keeping in touch with friends and family, searching for information and for shopping. Where shopping in particular is concerned, mobiles have become a major part of the buying experience, and while people are enduring that tedious train journey to or from work for instance, they are choosing and ordering their next article of clothing or piece of furniture. Recent figures show that globally, over 70% of people who accessed the internet in 2013, did so via a mobile device, the figure rose to 79% in 2014 and is expected to reach 90% by 2017

This is of course an extremely positive development for retail businesses of all kinds due to the resultant increase in custom and sales. However, companies also have a role to play in ensuring a user friendly experience for potential customers. A website which is search engine optimised will significantly promote its rank within search engines like Google, and can provide a huge boost for any business in the form of increased website views via the internet. But what about once the customer has actually landed on your website? People looking for services while on the move are frequently in a hurry, and are usually needing a speedy result. If your website is not designed to respond to a range of mobile devices, visitors may become frustrated at having to scroll around to find what they want. Responsive Design, will deliver a mobile ready solution when applied to your company website, giving your customers fast, hassle free access to what you are offering.

Ever vigilant search engine Google favours responsive design, even calling it ‘the industry best practice’. Responsive design allows Google to crawl, list and organise website content very efficiently, and makes the customer experience a smooth one, enabling ease of transfer between devices and a simpler sharing process. A responsive design website is also a cost effective one, as there is less SEO required as there is with separate sites to cope with varying devices.

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