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buying groupsOur client Finlay Fuels, who supply and deliver home heating oil and other fuels, have created a great new initiative to save customers lots of money. Oil Buying Groups are an ideal way for local neighbours to share delivery costs when buying heating oil. Finlay have been encouraging customers for a while to form their own groups, in order to do this. Deliveries of heating oil usually come with large delivery charges, but by getting together with neighbours, costs can be significantly lower.

These days we are all struggling with the rising cost of living, and keeping bills down if possible is the goal of many. Buying Groups or Discount Clubs can do just that by ordering multi-drops of oil within a particular area. The more oil ordered, the lower the price, and a reduced delivery cost means more oil for everyone.

How to get involved in a Buying Group
Simply ask your neighbours and /or local community groups if they would be interested in having this type of arrangement. If enough people are interested you then register your details on the Finlay Fuels Buying Groups page. Even if you don’t find enough people to form a group, you can still register with Finlay Fuels, who will then do their best to link you to another Buying Group. Commitment to ordering through the Group once it’s up and running is important. Groups can create a WhatsApp group in order to communicate about ordering etc.

Ordering home heating oil online from Finlay couldn’t be easier, you just contact them with the approximate number of buyers and the amount of oil required. You will be advised of the price and given a code to use, you can then proceed with your online order. You can request any delivering recommendations in the Special Instruction category too.


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