Responsive Website Design – For Mobile Friendly Web Viewing

If you have a website and you are not yet familiar with Responsive Design, you soon will be. Responsive Design is the term applied to websites that have been designed to view optimally on a hand held device – such as a Smartphone or a Tablet. The website ‘responds’ to the device it is viewed on and it presents in a user friendly format.

Responsive Website Design – The Stats

Mobile devices have become a fact of every-day life for millions of people, smartphones and tablets have evolved into essential tools for communication, information, and entertainment. Approximately half of web traffic worldwide is via mobile devices.

There are reams of statistics on the increasing trend toward viewing websites when mobile. Here are some interesting ones:-

In 2022, mobile devices (excluding tablets) have generated 58.99% of global website traffic. Events such as the pandemic in 2020 ensured a surge in internet use via mobiles, which had remained at 50% for some time. The forecast is that this will keep growing in the future, as technologies become even more affordable and available

Our Latest Responsive Design Projects

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Mobile Web Viewing – The Implications For You

What is the significance of this for you?

Well, firstly, it depends on the type of business you are in. If you are an accountant or a civil engineering company, the probability is that people searching for your services will do so from an office, on a desk top PC or a laptop. But if you are a taxi company, or a florist, people may be in more of a hurry and will search on their Smartphone. And if your website is not user friendly, they won’t faff around scrolling up down and across – they will move on to a mobile friendly Responsively Designed website – wouldn’t you?

We are receiving calls from numerous website owners reporting that their website business is down, and suspecting that visitors are abandoning them, favouring websites that are responsively designed.

Mobile Viewing Here To Stay

Looking forward, the accountant and the civil engineer should not relax. PC and laptop sales are plummeting as people opt instead for the mobile access devices. The trend toward mobile website viewing is here to stay, so the choice is to get ahead or be left behind.

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Responsive Design

Responsive Website Design – The Stats

2013 70%
2014 79%
2017 90%

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Responsive Web Design

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