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There are ongoing efforts made by vehicle manufacturers and security companies to tackle car crime and put an end to car thefts. They have a bit of a challenge to say the least as figures show that car crime has risen almost 50% in 5 years! According to official statistics, in 2017–18, 111,999 cars were stolen, in stark contrast to figures from 2013–14 which showed 75,308 vehicle thefts.

The rise is thought to be partly due to the hacking of keyless systems, along with a reduction in policing, with 22k fewer police officers. A vehicle is stolen on average every 5 minutes in the UK, around 300 per day. While keyless systems are incredibly convenient for the motorist, they are also pretty convenient for crooks. Criminal gangs are using clever gadgets to hack into cars, allowing them to simply access a car and drive it away, no keys needed!

Cars targeted are usually the higher end models from brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover. Parts from these vehicles can be sold at a high price to people who are unaware they are stolen. Insurance companies have stated that the figures are alarming, and realise that along with all of the other negative impacts, insurance policies go up. This seems unfair to the innocent car owner, who is punished for becoming a victim of car crime.

The current wave of vehicle crime undoubtedly affects individuals and businesses alike in a number of ways, costing money and lowering productivity. The RAC place much of the blame on the reduced policing with a police presence at it’s lowest since the 1980’s. Of course there are other causes such as owners forgetting to lock their cars, or leaving them unattended for a while. This gives opportunists the green light, and before you know it they have driven off.

Read our clients, Excalibur’s, latest article on car crime, and ways to try and prevent it. Some points may seem obvious, but it pays to be careful when it comes to your mechanical pride and joy in Runcorn or Widnes.


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