Exercising or just keeping active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, yet pain or discomfort can discourage movement. Having to rest or sit around due to pain in the neck area, head, back, joints or any other part of the body can lead to problems like weight gain. This has an adverse effect upon the causes of stress on joints and bones making movement even more difficult. This results in a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario where conditions cannot be easily alleviated and so increase in severity.

Pain and discomfort in the neck, back and other areas of the body can limit walking, bending, lifting, running and even sitting or lying. Working is extremely uncomfortable in these circumstances and can lead to lack of concentration. Many sports, hobbies and pastimes are also out of the question.

A professional and friendly service which is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each patient, is assured at Sports and Spinal Physio. Clinicians are dedicated to discovering and treating not just the pain, but the causes of pain. Experts qualified in assessing and treating sports professionals and anybody with complaints related to the neck, shoulder, back, upper limb, hip, groin, buttock, leg, knee, shin, foot, ankle and calf. Sports and Spinal Physio practitioners work with international footballers, golfers and participants of the 2012 Olympics.

‘Getting you better and keeping you better’ is the Sports and Spinal Physio teams philosophy. To enquire or book an appointment take a look at the SEO website or call 01277 246 400