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Everybody wants to turn their house into a dream home – whether that’s somewhere peaceful and tranquil, or somewhere buzzing with activity. Interior design is what builds that atmosphere and by using a wise collection of colour schemes, textures and patterns – we have the wonderful power to invent a living space completely our own.

Every little detail is going to be of great importance when planning to re-design your home, so you will need a great supplier with high-quality products which are both on-trend and attractive. Particular items to consider are things such as curtains and blinds. These are furnishings which really highlight the window area of a room, and their place around the natural light can really make them stand out. Another popular product is the pelmet – a decorative curtain top which can really add that little bit of flair. Not only that, but pelmets are excellent at keeping in warm air. They limit airflow from window edges and therefore conserve heat. These fancy items can even save you money in the long term!

It isn’t just homes of course that require specific decoration. Businesses too require the very best of interior and exterior design for added professionalism and drawing in customers. Awnings are a great choice for homes or businesses – outdoor, overhead covers which come in an abundance of shapes, sizes and colours. Awnings come in a vast array of types, but all provide shade to shop-fronts or back gardens, and consequently protect users from harmful UV rays. So you can enjoy those precious moments of good weather, whilst in comfort and safety!

Autus clients, Applewood Interiors, are suppliers of superb quality soft furnishings – providing the very best in curtains, blinds, pelmets and awnings. All of their products are made to measure and specially fitted to suit individual requirements. Applewood can offer you incredible choice of colours and patterns too, so you can get the exact look you want! Their level of service is outstanding and prices are competitive. Allow Applewood to supply those perfect additions to your dream home today.

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