Why Choose Autus to Create Your Website

Website development comprises of 3 core activities.

  • Graphic design

  • Technical expertise

  • Digital marketing expertise

All three must be present – but the correct balance of the three skill sets is also important.

Many websites are beautiful examples of graphic design but they fail to meet the web standards authority W3C requirements. Alternatively, some websites are so poorly optimised for search engines that they have very little exposure – and so have no chance of attracting viable customer visits.

An additional but vital consideration now is Responsive Design. If your web developer is not planning to include a mobile friendly responsive design in your website brief – you need to call us NOW.

It is a strategic priority within Autus to achieve the optimum balance of these skills.

Defining Website Objectives

Your website is an asset, a marketing tool. You should plan to achieve a healthy return on your investment (ROI). To do this it is important to define the objectives of the website – what exactly do you expect it to deliver?

Autus will guide you through this process

  1. Analyse the target market – the website must be designed and structured to appeal to the target customers – and encourage them to act. This may be to contact you for more information, book a hire vehicle, or to purchase from your website. See E-commerce page for details of websites designed for online sales.

  2. Recommend a website specification to meet the agreed objectives. This recommendation will be costed, covering the initial investment and also the essential ongoing cost of maintaining and improving its search engine position and general exposure.

  3. When you choose Autus to develop your website we will discuss the graphic presentation with you and present to you examples of our interpretation of the brief.

  4. Our marketing specialist will discuss with you the detail of the website text content. From these discussions he will craft up the website text to appeal to the target client and also the search engines. Appropriate website text content is a critical element in the search engine optimisation process.

  5. When you have approved the graphic concept and the website text, we then bring the two together through the website structure. All Autus website structures are developed to be attractive and easy to use, appreciated by the search engines and technically strong.

Website Updating / Maintenance Service

At Autus we listen to the preferences and concerns of our current and future clients. Many people are disappointed with the updating service from their web designer. We encourage our clients to give us regular updates for their websites.

We have a member of staff dedicated to updating client sites promptly. This commitment to service level encourages clients to request regular updates, which in turn appeals to the search engines, giving improved exposure.

Website Redesign

Do you need to improve the performance of your current website?

Autus can undertake a comprehensive review of your current website and advise you on the best way forward regarding a redesign of your website.

Web Design


  • David build our website a number of years ago and the design does seem to stand the test of time, as other hair dressers often comment on the style and design of the site.We now have quite a lot of experience of website activity relating to the hairdressing business and David visits us regularly to help us to update the site. All of our updates are done as part of a continuous development strategy for the website. This helps to ensure that our visitors see fresh material when they visit the site. It also helps with our search engine positioning for a number of very specific key phrases for us.We have tried out selling hair care products on the web. We discovered that this needs quite a heavy resource in terms of staff time to maintain the currency of the website and to deal with order fulfilment – people always order what you don’t’ have in stock…! Hair care products is a very competitive area of web trading and as David says “there is always someone who needs the order more than you, and will sell the product £1 cheaper to get the deal”So we now concentrate on attracting people to our salon for specific services. Ionic hair straightening is a speciality of ours. David has applied numerous techniques to get us well placed on the search engines for this service. We have visitors from East Lancashire, Cumbria and even a couple of ladies from Malaga, Spain, who found us through our website…!
    Daryl Gibbs
    Trimmers, Skelmersdale, Wigan
  • Autus designed and built my website in January 2008. The website design is first rate and I receive a lot of comments simply about the design and clear navigation of my website.More importantly for me, I also receive a healthy level of enquiry from new customers from the website. They tell me that the information on my website is very helpful and that this gives them the confidence to call me, as we all know that there are some less than scrupulous operators in the building business.I have regular meetings with David to plan and add content to the website. This means that visitors to the website can see fresh and interesting news and it also helps with the search engine optimisation. I have good positions on Google for the search phrases that are important to me and David explains to me why we add certain kinds of content to reinforce my search engine positioning in a very competitive market.
    Simon Parden
    SJP Building Services, Wigan
  • Natural stone floor cleaning & maintenance is a very specific niche market. David Clough is obviously very experienced in market analysis and product placement as well as web design. He sets out the content of our website and adds to it regularly to keep the website fresh and interesting. We simply answer his questions and provide the information and David’s staff do the rest. We get some very interesting new jobs from the website, people contacting us with specific problems who would never have found us any other way.With business and budgets very tight just now, all enquiries are welcome. The website enquiries have led us into some interesting areas of business which Autus have expanded upon and helped to develop, especially natural stone cleaning for domestic clients.
    Frank Lawrence
    Lawco Flooring, Leigh, Wigan
  • We have been with David and Autus since 2001. He developed a website for us, on a restricted budget at the time, as we were a new start business. Over time Autus have grown our website and even though it wasn’t the largest in the business, and David did have to squeeze updates out of us, we have always been prominent in the search engines for our key phrases and this has helped to attract some big name clients as well as lots of smaller scale industrial door projects and maintenance work.In 2010 we decided that we needed to review our web presence. The old site had served us well but it was time to move on. We explained our plans to David and between us we developed the new structure for the website. Autus produced a crisp new concept and re-launched our site. We are getting a very good response to the site, especially for our new door range. David has got the IDC site very well placed for even more searches and we are really pleased with the results.
    Jason Haye
    Director, Industrial Door Co, Salford, Manchester
  • Autus developed my website in 2005 and it is now my prime source of advertising. I try to keep the website content right up to date and David gives me ‘gentle reminders’ about how important this is. My website is very well placed for the search phrases that are important for my business and whilst more would always be welcome I get a good flow of enquiries through the website. Autus keep me informed of the latest trends and techniques used for promoting websites and we sit down and go through how these can be applied to my website.I get a lot of enquiries for our beauty therapy services from people living in the Bolton area, which I would expect. It is also nice that I get enquiries from way outside the Bolton area, with one lady travelling from London to visit my salon. And the lady continues to visit us which is nice, because attracting a new client is an achievement but retaining a client from so far away is very gratifying.
    Shelley Halsall
    Proprietor, Body Perfect Salon, Bolton
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