Website Promotional Videos

We have all heard that a picture paints a thousand words, and the extra dimension that a video brings can often be decisive in encouraging a website visitor to act.

For this reason alone a video is a useful and relatively inexpensive feature to have on your website. But there are other significant reasons too.

Video as Rich Content, Extending Engagement

In Google terms, Engagement is the length of time a visitor stays on your site when they find it. Google measures this engagement period and factors it in to its ranking algorithm, its logic being, the longer the visitor engagement, the higher the probability that the searcher’s requirement will be met on that page.

Rich Content

Again, in Google parlance, ‘Rich content’ is content which is more engaging that simple text on a page. This can be animation, video, infographics and even simple images. Google feel that these features, to greater or lesser extent, engage the visitor, giving a better visitor experience.

Interactive Composite Door Selector – Rich Content Example

Please see this Composite Door selector example. On the page, please click the link to the Door Selector.

This is a good example of interactivity on a website, allowing the visitor to interact with the software to produce their own door design. There is a further benefit to this feature – many of the visitors who complete the door specification actually buy it..!! (Using the door selector, they sell the door to themselves).

Website Promotional Videos

We offer the full range of videos, from simple videos demonstrating our services, to full feature videos.

Simple Website Promotional Videos

Here we use 10 – 12 still images of the client’s work. We put a brief caption below the images, which we run in a sequence, with some appropriate background music. The recommendation is for the video to last around 90 seconds and in our experience, most people will view an interesting video at least twice. That adds 3 minutes to the page visit – doubling a typical page visit of 3 – 4 minutes.

The website promotional video can present your offer in several different ways. We can show the range of products that you offer, or alternatively, we can show a process in stages; this could be the construction of a house, or the creation of a new hair style.
The cost of a website promotional video is less that £200, representing great value, with these attributes:

  1. Improves website engagement, thus boosting Search Engine Optimisation.
  2. We publish the video on Youtube, under the client’s account, accruing further Google support (Google owns Youtube).
  3. Visitor gets a broader appreciation of your product or service.

Feature Videos

We also produce full feature videos, with live action, demonstrating your product or service.

Please view this good example of a full feature video for our air conditioning client TK Air Conditioning showing a rooftop installation.

Video & Rich Content

Website Promotional Videos, Budget or Full Feature Videos, Infographics. Increase Engagement, SEO & Sale Conversions with Rich Content.

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