Website Redesign

Budgets and priorities can vary drastically from one business to another. Some clients wish to see far stronger results from their website but cannot afford a complete overhaul.

Autus takes a very flexible approach to these situations – and we can always help. We start with a website assessment.

Website Assessment Process

Website Structure

Firstly we undertake a review of the underlying website structure. If this is frame or table based, or some other system which the search engines no longer respect, then a redesign is the only viable option.

We also test the website structure through the W3C Web Standards Authority test. Some failures can be minor and easily corrected but others can be serious and require a re-design.

Responsive Design – For Mobile Friendly Access

This is a fairly recently introduced consideration, but it is now becoming critical. The majority of website viewing is now done via Smartphones or Tablets. It is becoming increasingly important that your website presents optimally when viewed in this way. It is not possible to simply convert to Responsive Design, a website needs to be rebuilt to incorporate this increasingly important design feature.

Text Content Renewal & Search Engine Optimisation

If the existing structure can be salvaged, we can suggest a series of improvements to the content and also the SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. These may include:

  • Converting text from image based to HTML to help the SEO.

  • Application of page tags. Your page tags are fundamental to good SEO, yet we still see numerous websites with only default page tags, or poorly structured page tags.

  • Re-development of the website text for search engine consumption. See Essential SEO.

  • Generation of internal page links within the website by restructuring the page text and the addition of site map and a second strata of navigation on every page.

  • Addition of pre-qualified, good quality inbound links to the website, which the search engines value highly.

  • Replace Flash technology, which interferes with the search engines’ access to the keyword data within the site.

  • Addition of web pages which have been optimised for a specific product or service, to reinforce Google’s view of the website’s ‘specialisation’ in them.

  • Correction of broken links and other technical deficiencies in a general review of the website’s code. This will improve the search engines’ collection of data from it and strengthen its search engine positioning.

To arrange a review of your website, at no cost, call our Salford office now on 0161 278 2534 or e mail

Website Redesign
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Arrange a no cost review

To arrange a review of your website, at no cost, call our Salford office now on 0161 278 2534 or e mail

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