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The term Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is commonly known, is used to describe an online marketing process which has revolutionised the way businesses promote themselves. Your business in Salford and Greater Manchester will reap the benefits of this marketing strategy, and ensure a wider website audience. The internet has touched every industry, whether they are offering products or services, and most companies need their own website if they are to be taken seriously. Many switched on businesses are now concentrating significant marketing budget on creating a powerful internet presence.

While having a website and being online should be a top priority for every business, there has to be a cleverly constructed and specifically targeted effort in order to attract the right customers. Once potential customers arrive on your website, there are a number of factors which need to be in place to ensure that they stay, look around and perhaps make one or two purchases. The ability for your website to be responsive and mobile friendly is also a huge requirement, allowing people to access your business whenever and wherever they choose.

SEO Strategies, WordPress Content Management & WooCommerce in Greater Manchester

Of course common sense tells us that when a customer lands on your website, they must find it not only visually appealing and informative, but easy to understand and navigate. People are increasingly all about time constraints, and immediacy will usually triumph over anything complicated or time consuming. Your website has to run smoothly and efficiently, if it is to be at the forefront of your business. Autus are specialists when it comes to this process, and will design and monitor your website, keeping it viable and putting you ahead of the competition. Just take a look at the websites of large and successful companies, notice how dynamic they are and consider how you found them. This did not happen by accident!

We receive some excellent customer feedback repeating the themes of boosted orders and significantly raised profits, once their Search Engine Optimisation package is in place. Autus use a bespoke variety of methods to obtain the best results for each client, ideally suited to their business. An emphasis is placed on website performance, and remaining in a prominent position within the main search engines, a complex but rewarding process. Advanced systems are available to assist in this operation, such as the excellent WordPress facility, and the particularly valuable and customisable WooCommerce system for low cost e commerce requirements. Autus are experts in utilising WordPress content management, helping you to get the most out of your website, just take a look at our reviews page.

Trafford Park, Thriving Industrial Area for Major Manufacturers, Manchester Ship Canal, Salford, Greater Manchester

Trafford Park situated opposite Salford Quays in Greater Manchester is a virtual hive of activity and somewhere that has nurtured many businesses. The area which represented the ancestral home of the Trafford family until the late 19th century. Measuring 4.7 square miles, Trafford Park was the first planned industrial estate in the world, and is to this day the largest in Europe. Almost completely surrounded by water with the Bridgewater Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal, Trafford Park, began to attract major manufacturers such as engineering giant, British Westinghouse, who became an outstanding producer and employer in Salford and Greater Manchester.

The district can boast many achievements, like the fact that Rolls Royce Merlin engines supplied from the Trafford Park location, were used in the production of the incredible Spitfire and Lancaster aircraft during WW2.

Ford Motors, Trafford Park Urban Development Corporation, Salford, Greater Manchester

Motor vehicle manufacturers Ford, opened their first European factory at Trafford Park, Greater Manchester in 1912, and made many unique models for the British market. They became Britain’s largest motor manufacturer, and between 1914 and 1919, the Trafford Park factory, produced specialist Model ‘T’ vehicles like ambulances, service wagons and water carriers. Progress was swift at Ford in Trafford park, with the emergence of tractors, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Trafford Park’s impressive positioning prompted the emergence of the Trafford Park Urban Development Corporation, in 1987. The area benefits not only from its firm industrial edge, but from the fact that it is highly accessible by road, rail, water or air. Over 120,000 registered businesses are placed within a drive time of 30 minutes of Trafford Park, and the largest inland freight terminal can also be found here.

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