Customising the WordPress CMS

Gutenberg Block Editor

With WordPress version 5 came Gutenberg, a completely new default editor for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) replacing the long standing WYSIWYG editor by TinyMCE. Gutenberg was introduced to enable content creators greater flexibility in creating engaging media rich content. It does this using content ‘blocks’. As such Gutenberg is known as the block editor.

Gutenberg includes a number of default blocks out of the box, for example, Quote, Image, Gallery, Columns, Buttons etc. Previously elements such as these would have required custom code or the use of additional plugins.

Gutenberg Block Editor

Customising the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

Whilst the new Gutenberg blocks are a step in the right direction, for some of our clients they simply just don’t go far enough. At Autus, with our bespoke WordPress theme development, we are able to take the Gutenberg editor and its blocks to the next level.

We use advanced coding techniques and custom fields to create bespoke content blocks which better suit our clients’ needs. These facilitate the fast and easy creation of enticing rich content in our clients house style, simply by ‘dropping’ bespoke blocks into the WordPress editor. Website pages can be built up quickly using any number of bespoke content blocks. e.g. Call to Action, Counters, Contact Form, Carousel, Slider etc. The benefit is that these new pages can be created by anyone with no need for any coding knowledge, perfect for those clients who wish to maintain and add their own website content using the WordPress CMS.

Wordpress Custom Content Blocks
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Gutenberg Block Editor

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