Disability Discrimination Act – Website Compliance


The Disability Rights Commission conducted a survey of the level of accessibility of 1,000 websites. It found that approximately 80% did not meet the minimum requirements for accessibility, under the law. They warned that companies that do not make their websites accessible to all could face unlimited fines and compensation penalties. The Disability Discrimination Act came into force in 1995. Section 3 of the Act (which specifically mentions website accessibility) came into force in 2002. “The Act makes it unlawful for a service provider to discriminate against a disabled person by refusing to provide them any service which it provides to members of the public.” Code of Practice, DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)

If the case for a website’s failure to comply to the DDA is made in court, it is most likely that the proof of failure will be based on the standards set out by the W3C.

Role of W3C The W3C is an internet governing body which is responsible for setting standards in technologies and practices on the internet. They operate the Web Accessibility Initiative which identifies best practice for creating accessible websites. The W3C has set out three priority levels for accessibility; with priority one focussing on standards to ensure your website complies with the DDA requirements.

Disability Discrimination Act – Compliance. Our websites comply with the W3C Priority 1 standard, thus meeting the requirements of the DDA.

Non-Compliance & Your Google Ranking

Google is very keen to foster good website design and construction. In particular, it will not list websites that give a poor user experience. As an example, broken links will result in Non-Compliance. They will also give a poor user experience, so Google will include this defect in its formula when deciding how to rank the website.

We Build W3C Compliance into your SEO

At Autus, we encourage clients to consider compliance with the W3C Website Standards Authority test to be an essential part of the SEO of their website. Why would you spend money on building in good SEO, yet leave issues that will pull down your site’s ranking unattended?

Ensure Your Website Complies with the DDA

E mail your website address to enquiries@autus.co.uk and we will test it against the requirements of the W3C website accessibility standard and report back its status.

Non-Compilance Correction

If your website doesn’t comply, we will give you a proposal for what is required to achieve compliance. For more information call our Salford office now on 0161 278 2534 or e mail enquiries@autus.co.uk.


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Disability Discrimination Act – How to be Compliant

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