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Perhaps some of the most shocking statistics centre around food waste! Around 900,000 tonnes of food per year is thrown away from homes in London alone, 540,000 of which is perfectly edible. London spends £1.4 billion a year on food that goes straight into the bin, a fact that really just seems wrong. More and more efforts are being turned towards reducing this kind of waste, and successful companies are being formed that do just that.

We have just completed a new mobile friendly website for one of these businesses, including an attractive layout, and videos for user engagement. The videos show some of the processes involved such as separating the food ready for the next stage, or de-packaging food and liquid.

Waste Food Solutions Ltd offer a state of the art piece of machinery called the Super Separator, which enables waste food to be separated from packaging. The machine achieves 95% food recovery, and has an exceptional level of performance. The recovered packaging can be recycled or used to generate energy, providing an extremely green solution to everyday food waste. The Super Separator can usually be installed and up and running in one day, and thereafter requires a wipe down and a weekly application of grease to keep it functioning properly.

Waste Food Solutions Ltd can de-package most foods, which once processed may be used for farm animal feed. Their clients include Bibby Distribution, Fortuna, Fowler, Dalziel, Welch, Frutos and charities FairShare and Company Shop. They also offer a free consultation, to chat about how they can help, and will advise on the best way for your company to recover your unsold waste products. This takes into account cost effectiveness and eco-friendly methods for each individual company, cutting their waste disposal costs and reducing landfill. Good news all round!


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