Permanent Make Up by Niaome

Niaome Grady is a Permanent Make Up artist based in Wigan, Greater Manchester. She is fully accredited in this field and before that she was a teacher of Art & Design. Permanent make up is a growing field and Niaome is one of the path beaters in the UK.

It was important to Niaome that her website set the right tone and showcased her work. She was heavily involved in the design, looking for it as a subtle, classy background to her content, especially her client images.

Niaome networks strongly in her industry, establishing positive, supportive relationships with other practitioners. She is very aware that mutual support of each others’ web presence is beneficial to all, and she has arranged numerous inbound links into her website. These quality links are well respected by Google and make a very positive contribution to the growing Domain Authority of her web site.

Niaome has integrated her social media – primarily FaceBook and Instagram, with her website, to deliver a powerful and effective online marketing strategy.