Autus Wed Design & Marketing are proud to include North West England horsewoman and riding instructor Anne Marie Ingham as one of our newest client.

Ann Marie Ingham has worked with horses all of her life, as a rider, a groom, an instructor and a stable manager. As well as enjoying a longstanding associaton with the British Horse Society, Ann Marie has trained with some of the great names in equestrianism, including Margaret Linington-Payne, Monty Roberts and Nelleke Dean. And like all great riders she is still studying today – currently with Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu – in a direct line from Cadre Noir, Sally Swift and the home of Centred Riding.

Ann Marie now teaches Centred Riding thoughout the North West of England, a technique which uses centering, body awareness and imagery to build a clear, sensitive communication between rider and horse. There are four main elements to Centred Riding:

  • Soft Eyes – Encouraging physical and visual awareness, improved peripheral vision and ‘feel’.
  • Breathing – Use of the diaphragm and correct breathing, allowing better posture, energy and relaxation.
  • Building Blocks – Aligning of the rider’s body to improve balance, straightness and ease of movement.
  • Centering – Finding and using the center of balance, control and movement located deep within the body. This gives a quiet strength, power and harmony, as in oriental martial arts philosophy.

Ann Marie offers private, shared and group lessons to riders of all abilities. Her work takes her far and wide and she is happy to travel to her clients.

Ann Marie’s new Autus-created website can be found at where you can read more about Centred Riding and the techniques that give a more fulfilling experience to both horse and rider.

As Ann Marie says, in the haste to get to the destination we often forget about the journey. For the horse, who doesn’t understand what the destination is, it is all about the journey.

For more information, or to find out how to contact Ann Marie click HERE