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Old WebsitesThe internet is a cultural digital ecosystem, available to private and commercial consumers internationally. We use it to shop, sell, socialise, petition, play and inform, in fact there is hardly an aspect of our lives not touched by the web! This technology has advanced incredibly in the three or so decades since it emerged, and it isn’t slowing down.

In 1934, a Belgian lawyer and librarian named Paul Otlet dreamt up the concept of a ‘mechanical collective brain, in other words a computer. He is widely regarded as the father of information science. Many of his ideas exist today in forms such as browsers and the semantic web.

Do you ever wonder what the first ever website looked like?

The first commercial website ever to be registered can be traced back to a place that still exists today. Computer manufacturer, was responsible for the birth of commercial domain registrations, that began in 1985. This innovation wouldn’t be particularly recognisable to most people now, but by 1990, a more recognisable version had appeared. The company went through a few changes, but the website remained online for several years, until today in fact. The site was a simple HTML text page with an unattractive grey background and a psychedelic fractal jpeg image. still has a minimalist design, but even this is way more sophisticated than the original page.

This technology is ever changing, and digital software regularly becomes obsolete, forcing people to update to newer versions. We know so much more these days about how to keep a website vital and active. There is a lot more encouragement of user engagement and participation too, crucial in guaranteeing an online presence.

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