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Autus WebsitesAutus are committed to delivering the solutions that customers want, and that will benefit their business. A company website is a crucial part of any successful business, according to over 84% of today’s consumers. They say it gives credibility and professionalism to the business as opposed to one with just a social media page. Also, being visible to search engines like Google attracts new customers and allows companies to show off their services, projects, reviews etc.

We prefer to provide our customers with a seamless experience, giving them more bang for their bucks! We use tried and tested software such as WordPress, found on approx one quarter of all websites. The popularity of WordPress is partly due to straight forward ease of use for most. Its content Management System or CMS allows people to update and modify their websites themselves. Constantly improving their product, the designers of WordPress incorporated a default content editor into the latest version. A viable alternative to the ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor, Gutenberg offers a new approach. Using content blocks, website owners have enhanced control, and are able to create bespoke, media rich content to engage customers.

Gutenberg in the Real World

This innovation is at the moment in its infancy, although progressing fast, bringing many benefits to our customers. We encountered a challenging request recently, from a customer. They wanted a custom built WordPress website that included a page builder, so they could carry out their own updates. The method involved selecting a reusable content block and dropping it on a page. Gutenberg was the obvious choice, although disappointingly the specific content blocks needed were not included in Gutenberg.

The talented team at Autus put their heads together and came up with a solution. They developed a bespoke page builder using Gutenburg and incorporating Advanced Custom Fields. This included a pre-defined amount of page element blocks, such as : –

  • Slider
  • Text in 3 circles with hover
  • Featured person
  • Count-up circles and many more, amounting to 20

New content could then be produced by the client, while staying within the design language of the site. The blocks defined the page design and layout. Our WordPress page.has more about the Gutenberg Block Editor so why not take a look?

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