Bi Fold doors can add a touch of style and luxury to a home by creating access to other rooms or outside with one smooth sliding action. Designed to fit in comfortably with whichever decorating scheme you prefer including modern, retro or classical these functional doors fold into a compact, and unobtrusive unit while opening up your home. The concept of Bi Fold doors was mentioned as far back as 953BC in relation to the Temple of Solomon but they came into their own in the 19th century. These space saving doors have grown in popularity in recent years with many manufacturers producing a selection of styles and colours. Window Options  of Manchester have a varied range of stunning Bi Fold doors for a multitude of uses transforming your home and adding interest. Bi Fold doors are particularly useful when entertaining and their versatility allows partial or full opening. Good quality Bi Fold doors are suitable for interior or exterior enabling a good flow of light around the home. When purchased from Window Options the doors are tested for effectiveness in preventing water or air penetration as well as thermal performance. In 2011 Window Options Manchester have launched a range of specially designed Swiss Alpine Style Chalet Extensions which feature beautifully crafted Bi Fold doors. Take a look at the search engine optimised website for a full list of products including windows, doors, orangeries and conservatories. available from Window Options Manckester.