Every once in a while someone comes along with the perfect solution to a specific set of problems. And for small and growing businesses the solution to many of their financial struggles could well be Culwick & Co.

Business Owners and Company Directors are usually hard-working, dedicated and inspired individuals with a great vision of the services they provide and the company they hope to develop. They are rarely, however, experts on finance and accountancy and often have to bring in Finance Directors and external accountants at great expense.

Culwick & Co. fulfils the same function of both a Finance Director and an Accountant without the commitment and at a fraction of the cost. Doing as much or as little as a clients needs Culwick & Co offer a range of services including:

  • Assistance with bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and company secretarial work.
  • Providing monthly management accounts that show you exactly how your business is performing.
  • Provide quarterly financial reports including summaries of the key performance indicators.
  • Providing audits and statutory annual accounts.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the financial data to assist the business decision making process and improve effectiveness.
  • Enable directors to use their time more effectively, with the financial issues handles by a finance expert.
  • Minimise tax liability by effective tax planning.

And like the best Finance Director, Culwick & Co have the experience and contacts to identify the best streams of funding to manage cash flow and optimise profits.

Culwick & Co. are an Essex-based company covering London and the South East of England. To discuss your business needs contact Culwick & Co. on (01268) 680702.

Or visit the Autus-designed Culwick & Co. website at culwick.com.