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These high performance pieces of plant machinery are manufactured by major names like Bobcat. They give excellent performance, particularly where there are heavy or awkward loads to lift and move. Compact and versatile, Bobcats are frequently to be found working away on building sites and their many talents include demolishing, clearing, sweeping, lifting and loading. They are available from good plant hire specialists everywhere, such as our clients Rhinos Plant Hire.

A varied range of sizes and specifications means you get the perfect solution whatever your requirements. Rhinos cater to a wide customer base covering Essex, London, Suffolk, Kent and further afield. Their equipment is hired by all kinds of professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts, and on major projects like the current upgrades to Westminster Abbey.

The company was founded in the US in 1947, and the name Bobcat came about as a reference to the prairie animal, famed for it’s agility, speed and toughness. The machines have skills similar to these wild felines, such as being able to turn 180° when going at full speed. They are made up of powerful, rigid frames and engines featuring the most advanced technology. Ease of operation and comfort are also priorities, and important inclusions at the design phase. Operator safety is also at the top of the list with these vehicles thanks to fully enclosed cabs along with other features.

Skid Steers can also be used with a selection of labour saving tools and attachments to get fast results for your project in Hornchurch. These valuable machines are not cheap to buy, even for many construction companies, so the ideal option is to hire them when needed. Rhinos are members of the Construction Plant Hire Association, and offer a wide variety of Heavy and Small Plant machinery, tools and equipment to suit every customer need. Why not browse their website and see how they could help your project?


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