As part of the search engine optimisation strategy for a greater Google presence Autus Web Design & Marketing have prepared an additional two product pages for the Harley Carpets website. These pages give information about natural floorings and a new mattress range. The natural flooring page details the Harley Carpets high quality alternative natural  floor coverings such as sisal, wool, seagrass and coir . These natural fibre floor coverings come in a selection of shades and are woven into various beautiful and interesting designs and patterns. They are also ecologically friendly, smart, sophisticated and are fast becoming the latest trend for home or office within the interior design market. Natural floorings from Harley Carpets are sourced from sustainable plants and plant fibres from many regions of the globe.

Harley Carpets have also announced their supply of an excellent range of mattresses by a well renowned manufacturer. Carpenter Sleep Better mattresses are at the cutting edge of sleep technology and successfully integrate design innovations with practicality and value for money. Harley Carpets SEO packaged website shows their extensive line up of products for home and office including carpets, flooring, rugs, a selection of mattresses and a great choice of blinds, curtains and accessories.