Saunas are no longer exclusively available to those with a disposable income and home sauna installations are swiftly growing in popularity. With a choice of style, size and type of unit it is possible to attain the home sauna to fit your exact requirements. A traditional style sauna gives an intense all enveloping experience by heating the air as it circulates around your body. An infrared sauna focuses its heat on just the body itself and has a cooler surface area allowing for longer exposure. This is particularly helpful if suffering from a number of conditions including arthritis, bad circulation, back pain, joint stiffness, high or low blood pressure. All saunas are believed to assist with weight loss and ease stress and fatigue generally improving feelings of health and well being.

Fenlangyu home saunas come in a variety of sizes to accommodate up to four people and containing Ceramic or Carbon heat elements. They can be designed to fit many spaces including corner units taking up a minimum of space in your bathroom or wherever it is placed. These home saunas are kind to the environment by being energy efficient. A selection of extras can be fitted such as radios or coloured lighting when planning to enjoy colour therapy sessions.

Infrared saunas provide all of the benefits of sunlight without any of the risks associated with ultraviolet rays. Bathroom Beauty of Bolton has a large range of products and services to enhance your bathroom and create a uniquely pleasurable experience.