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Autus are delighted to announce the launch of a new responsive design website for Semi Permanent Makeup by Niaome, bringing her talents to an even wider audience. Semi permanent makeup has become incredibly popular in recent years with everyone including celebrities and models, for a number of reasons. Apart from the stunning results ensuring you look fabulous 24/7, you will love the speed and convenience of getting ready for work or a night out. No more rushing to apply eyebrow pencil or eyeliner only for the tip to break or a smudge to appear. Another downside of makeup that you can dispense with, is having to check and reapply eye makeup and lipstick throughout the day.

You can have the appearance of immaculate makeup on waking from a nights sleep, and your brows, lips and eyeliner are guaranteed to stay put whatever your doing. With this form of cosmetic tattooing, you can sleep, swim, exercise, dine, dance and sunbathe, all without the worry of runs, smudges, fading or clumping. Whatever style suits you be it natural or more defined, beautifully created brows, lids and lips remain defined day and night, and present a fresh, youthful image.

Niaome specialises in the application of semi permanent makeup for a broad range of clients, and she has an excellent reputation for achieving each individual clients desired look. She also has a firm dedication to promoting self confidence in her clients, and uses her skills to this end. Niaome practices a process of Micropigmentation, which involves the gentle application of high quality, medical grade pigments into the second dermal layer of the skin.

Trained in techniques which create ultra realistic effects, she can deliver featherstroke brows, soft eyeliners and lip blush treatments. Working towards each clients idea of perfection Niaome enhances, corrects and accentuates facial features with exquisite symmetry and precision.

Niaome is a Fine Art graduate and has also taught Art and Design giving her an eye for detail and design. She was trained by Aspire Beauty School and then Nouveau Contour in Semi Permanent Make-up (SPMU). Most of her advanced, cutting edge skills were gained from the master technician and trainer Katerina Zapletalova, from whom she learned techniques like Microstroking and Eyebrow Embroidery Featherbrows.

To benefit from these gorgeous, bespoke treatments which last up to 5 years contact Niaome on 07716388710 or fill in the contact sheet on the new Semi Permanent Makeup by Niaome website.

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