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As a highly successful company manufacturing, installing, servicing and repairing all kinds of doors for domestic and commercial customers, Autus clients Industrial Door Company are aware of the benefits of active website SEO. Industrial Door Company provide high performance products such as bi-fold and sliding doors, shop fronts, roller shutter doors, curtain walling, automatic entrance doors, security grilles, traffic doors and aluminium windows and doors.
Their excellent quality doors and door products are used for homes, schools, offices, factories, shops, supermarkets and shopping centres. Their stunningly designed, versatile and functional aluminium curtain walling is perfect for a variety of applications within the retail and business arena. Industrial Door Company are based in Salford, Greater Manchester and bring their comprehensive range of doors and associated products to a number of high profile commercial and retail clients nationwide, such as supermarket chain Asda. Their skilled and experienced fitters and door engineers maintain exceptionally high standards of work, and customer satisfaction is a priority.

At Autus, we are committed to a system of active management, ensuring that new developments and innovations are researched with a view to presenting fresh options to our clients. With this in mind, we consulted with Industrial Door Company about the advantages of a responsive design website for their business.
It is a fact that the concept of a responsive design website is becoming a major requirement of any modern business. Figures show that the majority of consumers these days access the internet via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and it is estimated that by 2017, 90% of internet users will do so via their mobile device. This presents amazing potential for businesses as well as enhancing their customers web browsing. Standard type websites were designed to be viewed on desktops or laptops, meaning a sluggish and difficult to navigate process when carried out on a mobile device. A responsive design website can instantly sense and respond to the specific mobile device being used, giving fast, seamless and user friendly results.In addition to all this, search engine Google have announced that websites which are not mobile friendly will be downgraded.

Industrial Door Company are extremely pleased with their new website redesign and we are confident they will soon notice a positive impact. If you would like to discover how responsive design could boost your business, call David Clough on 0161 278 2534 for a no cost consultation.

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