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engageIs your website working for you? Is it attracting visitors? How much time do they spend looking around your website? These are questions that all business website owners should be asking themselves, and if they aren’t, its time to start!
As SEO specialists, we are constantly researching developments and changing requirements within search engines like Google. The search engine giant frequently adjusts the way it ranks websites, and it’s our job to stay ahead of the game. An example was the big change to mobile friendly websites which emerged in the last few years, which many of our clients have taken on board.

Engagement & Google Ranking

Google ranks your website using a variety of criteria, based mostly on how user friendly it is, including how quickly visitors can navigate around it, and how clear and easy it is to purchase the goods or services displayed. Encouraging visitors to stay on your website, termed ‘engagement’, is now a significant factor in the success of your website, and a major aspect within Google ranking. The longer the searcher stays on your website, the more likely they are to have their needs met.
Relevant, concise and well written information with interesting and attractive images should describe your website, but it is increasingly recommended to incorporate ‘rich content’.
A good example of this can be found on the Essex Trade Windows website, where visitors are invited to use the software to design their own GRP door. There is a further plus to this feature – the majority of visitors who complete the door specification actually buy it..!!

Website Promotional Videos

Another form of rich content is the website promotional video.
Here we use 10 – 12 still images of the client’s work. We put a brief caption below the images, which we run in a sequence, with some backing music. The recommendation is for the video to last around 90 seconds and in our experience, most people will view an interesting video at least twice. That adds 3 minutes to the page visit – doubling a typical page visit of 3 – 4 minutes.
The website promotional video can present your offer in several different ways. We can show the range of products that you offer, or alternatively, we can show a process in stages; this could be the construction of a house, or the creation of a new hair style.
The cost of a website promotional video is less that £200, representing great value, with these attributes:
1. Improves website engagement, thus boosting SEO.
2. We publish the video on Youtube, under the client’s account, accruing further Google support (Google owns Youtube).
3. Visitor gets a broader appreciation of your product or service.
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