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Carrying out a construction is so much more than simply laying one brick on top of another, and the actual design of the building plays a major role for a variety of reasons. Good design at the planning stage aims to cover all likely scenarios, in an effort to deliver optimum performance. It is also essential to ensure that high quality technologically advanced materials and systems are used where possible, which will compliment the structure. There is a general view that bringing clever building design into play is the only way to go, if you want functional as well as attractive properties.

Good building design is needed because;

1. With advances in technology, the need for bespoke design is at a premium, as systems become increasingly complex, and require support networks.

2. Efforts to reduce global warming by implementing green energy wherever possible, are being promoted by the government, especially where new builds are concerned. All aspects of a property must work seamlessly together in this respect, for the best results.

3. The actual shape of a building can influence the amount of energy used, along with things like high grade double glazing. Features like underfloor heating powered by air source heat pump technology can save money and lower the homes carbon footprint.

4. Cost is a factor when implementing state of the art energy saving technology, so carefully thought out design makes for a well balanced outcome, that won’t break the bank.

5. With the emergence of design software including interactive tools, specialists in the field are able to easily analyse and project design performance.

Our clients Thornwood Construction Ltd, offer an excellent building design service and are committed to injecting unique elements into their work. They carry out barn restorations, kitchen and bathroom redesign, extensions and conversions. Take a look at their mobile friendly website.

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