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If you fancy a change in your living space, there is a cheaper and more immediate alternative to upping sticks and moving. An Interior Design makeover may be just the thing to give your surroundings that certain oomph! With interior décor and design, most of us are not sure where to start, and feel a little out of our depth. But by following a few simple rules we can have a home that we and our visitors love.

Be Brave

One of the most difficult aspects of décor for many of us, is taking risks with things like colour and style, meaning we err on the side of caution. Even when we are determined to inject a bit more excitement into the look of our home, we often end up with a very conservative result. But taking the bull by the horns, and really going for it can be very liberating. The majority of the time, people are extremely impressed by a home which reflects the individual personality of the occupants.

Perfect Timing

One of the best times to consider a design make over is when you are planning some home improvement work such as an extension or conversion. By integrating your ideas into the whole project, you can make decisions based on the lay out of the new rooms. By thinking about the end result you can achieve an outcome which flows comfortably without any parts that feel awkward, or don’t work well with the overall effect.

Get Inspired

Look at all kinds of designs to help make your mind up about what’s right for you, there are loads on the internet, in magazines, on TV and at events like the Ideal Home Show. Whether you love a contemporary edge, classic and sophisticated surroundings, a country cottage feel or a quirky, fun space, you are sure to find your perfect concept.

If you need some professional help, our clients SJP Building Services, can offer a high quality Interior Design service to suit every taste. They have lots of experience and are delighted to advise on your best options. Call them on 01942 704662.

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