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This is the time of year when it’s nice to have a bright and fresh home, making it feel spacious and elegant. Lightening the décor and Increasing natural light will help make the most of the nice weather, it is also thought to elevate the mood and boost productivity. Studies have shown that the calming brain chemical ‘serotonin’ is lowered on dark days, causing negative moods, and raised on brighter sunny days. A lighter home even in mid winter can be achieved in a number of ways, here are a few:-


A mirror placed adjacent to a window will create the illusion of additional space, and reflect light around the room, as well as confirming you’re looking good!

Clean and Tidy

Cleaning and polishing your surroundings seems an obvious one, but this will allow light to bounce off glossy pristine surfaces. Dust and grime limits this action, and makes your home environment feel dark and dingy.


Chunky and badly placed items will block sunlight from entering, particularly near a window. If planning on buying new furniture, consider avoiding darker pieces that will absorb light, and concentrate on paler shades. Items that reflect like polished marble, glass and metal are a good idea to maximise light.

Natural Shades

Rooms which are painted in natural colours will make the area seem larger, especially where the ceiling is painted white. A satin finish will provide a sheen that will also reflect light around the room.

If you want to paint and decorate your home to make it look bigger, it’s wise to use self storage to store the contents. This means no damage or paint on your belongings, a faster result and no chance of bits of furniture being in the way or causing you to trip. Cubic Storage have a range of containers and units at reasonable rates, give them a call on 07531 435637

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