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The streets begin to fill up with a variety of golden, brown and yellow leaves, and there is a distinct nip in the air. Yes it’s autumn, a time of year when we think about changing to a thicker duvet, and hope the central heating isn’t on the blink! Away go the summer dresses and sandals in favour of woollies and boots, but then you have the usual quandary, namely where to store your summer clothes. Seasonal items can take up much needed space, especially as you are indoors for much of the time during winter.

Seasonal self storage is a ‘thing’ these days, as people wish to free up their living space and make way for items like additional bed linen, heaters and bulkier clothes. You may even want to have some indoor exercise equipment so you can keep fit throughout the colder months.

What sort of things might you wish to store? Ask yourself which clothes etc you will probably use in the autumn and winter. If you find anything that you rarely use, take the opportunity to get rid. Summer items to put away may include:-

  • Outdoor furniture and barbecues
  • Summer clothing [although keep it handy in case of impromptu trips away]
  • Summer sports equipment
  • Gardening tools and equipment
  • Outdoor pool toys
  • Xmas decorations [leave within reach]

You will be surprised how much space this sort of arrangement frees up in your home, providing a clutter free living area. When stored with leading storage specialists like Cubic Storage, your belongings will remain safe, clean and undamaged. You get 24/7 easy access and security features include perimeter fences and CCTV for business, domestic and student storage. All with extremely attractive hire rates too! Give them a call on 07531 435637.

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