Rich Content for Responsive Design Websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile Friendly Digital Marketing


Staying ahead of the game when it comes to keeping our business websites high in Google’s search results can seem like rocket science! This is why we turn to digital marketing specialists who are knowledgeable in SEO or search engine optimisation. Using a variety of methods and strategies, these experts study Google’s algorithms and it’s constantly changing approach.

Trying to run a successful business is challenging enough in itself without the often complex and confusing online promotion to get your head around. This is why it’s nice to have someone to turn to who knows what they’re doing. Although there are people [or scam artists] who will take advantage of this. Random emails from ‘SEO experts’ on the other side of the globe, will promise to achieve the unachievable, for a fee. The secrets of the internet will be unlocked, and your business will sky rocket thanks to their skill.

The usual spiel is that the SEO specialists or online strategist, has noticed that your website is under performing. But don’t panic as they can help! Before you know it you will be at the top of the Google search results, and will have new customers coming out of your ears.

Chances are that this wonderfully helpful stranger is in reality part of a scam software program that sends out bulk spam emails of this kind. They could sound really believable and legitimate, but in reality nobody has analysed your website’s performance. If you contact them they typically go in for the hard sell, binding you into a long term contract. Even where your name and other info is used, these details can be publicly accessed, and simply added to a generic email. Sometimes your info has been purchased by spammers along with thousands of others.

These emails can be laughingly fake with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes, and they often add a line to say ‘they are not spammers’. If the email is unsolicited, from an unnamed sender or is one of many, you can be pretty sure they are fake. Even we as SEO specialists get these emails [yet they claim to have researched our website?]. You should ignore, delete, and report them as spam, but one thing you should never do, is contact them!


Rich Content for Responsive Design Websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile Friendly Digital Marketing