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Amongst the variety of methods we use to encourage visitors to your website, including well designed websites and search engine optimisation [SEO] features, we implement other aspects to ensure customer engagement. These include the introduction of social media access and review requests, to prompt visitors or customers to spend more time on your website. Engagement is an incredibly important factor in the promotion of your business website, and website visitors being able to actively interact with your company website is a crucial part of SEO.

Autus Web Design & Marketing, are specialists not only in attracting customers to your website, but in giving them a reason to stay there longer. This is an excellent way to boost website search engine status, and one which can be specifically tailored to suit your particular business and catch your targeted customers interest.

We use proven methods of engagement, which work perfectly to involve customers with your website, products and services. These strategies invariably lead to enhanced internet visibility, customer visits and ultimately increased sales.

The objective of engagement can be assisted by using:-

1. Website videos – Autus specialise in making and incorporating low cost videos into your website, aimed at giving customers an extra perspective on your products and services.

2. Product selector features – which allow customers to interact with your website to build an image of the product they wish to buy.

3. Interactive features – these include anything which impels the customer to become active rather than a passive viewer

Many of our clients have the advantage of these and other SEO elements which promote advanced website traffic and customer engagement. We have added a very popular product selector feature to the GRP composite doors section of our double glazing clients Essex Trade Windows Ltd website. This nifty little software is simple to use and highly effective, as customers add and change aspects of the door designs and colours to discover their ideal look.
Another example of interactive features can be seen on the website of our clients Trimmers Hair Salon, where a question and answer feature gives customers the opportunity to receive advice direct from experts in hair care. While these facilities are helpful and enjoyable to use, they are also essential for good SEO and business progress.

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