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autus blogWherever you go and whatever you do, if you look around at others you will notice one undeniable fact. Mobiles are a big part of our lives!
So what are people doing on their mobiles devices? Well the answer is any number of things including contacting friends and family, checking social media apps, browsing the internet for bits of news or items of interest, looking through their pictures or playing games. Figures show that a substantial amount of people who use their mobile device on the move, are looking to buy goods. Mobile use when purchasing has grown incredibly, making it the predominant form of online buying globally.

Once businesses are in possession of this knowledge, they need to ask themselves one very important question. Is their company website mobile friendly? If the answer is no, they could be putting themselves at a great disadvantage by not reacting to customer demand. People on the move are usually in a hurry and want instant results, so if your company website is slow or does not present itself in a visually pleasing or user friendly way, they will often look elsewhere. According to social media platform Wanelo, 85 – 90% of people buying are doing so via smartphones.

This is why one of the single most important aspects of a modern company website should be Responsive Design. A website which has been rebuilt to incorporate this innovative technology ensures a heightened customer experience. Responsive design allows your website to sense the specification of the device it is being viewed on, and instantly adjust its display accordingly. The customer receives an extremely pleasing and smooth browsing result, leading to increased time spent on your website. These sites are a dream to navigate around and purchasing from them could not be simpler.

Autus Web Design & Marketing in Salford, Greater Manchester, have introduced the concept of responsive design to several of our customers including Industrial Door Company based in Salford, Greater Manchester. IDC are experts in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and service of all types of industrial and commercial doors as well as aluminium door products. They recognised the need for a responsive design website in a competitive market and commissioned Autus to redesign their website. This is the second responsive design rebuild using software such as WordPress, we have carried out for this company, which has two websites. Industrial Door Company are delighted with the result and look forward to a positive sales related outcome.

To learn more about responsive design, and how it can benefit your business call David Clough on 0161 278 2534 for a no cost consultation.

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