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autus blogThere is little doubt that a comprehensive, well designed company website puts any business at an advantage. Strong and effective search engine optimisation is a key element, ensuring that potential customers find your business. An attractive layout and plenty of relevant information are also important features when it comes to customer engagement.

These are all major factors if you wish your business to have a competitive edge, but there is now a strategy within website marketing which has caused a fundamental shift in how websites are designed. Its a fact that the majority of internet users these days access the web by using their mobile device. You can see this when you are out and about, with people looking at their mobile phones or tablets much of the time. Everyone is checking social media, contacting friends or family, organising their data or images and playing online games. A huge percentage of people will be shopping for goods ranging from a garden shed to a dress for the prom. Figures indicate that in 2013 more than 70% of all internet users did so via their mobile device. This percentage subsequently increased a year later to 79%, and it is estimated to reach 90% by 2017.

A multitude of different mobile device screen sizes demonstrates the need for your website to evolve and adapt if it is to remain viable. A Responsive Design website will provide your business with a high performance, user friendly vehicle with which to promote your products and services.

Ask yourself if your website is mobile friendly, and if you can afford it not to be. If your website does not perform to exceptional levels on any mobile device, its probable that you are losing custom. Potential customers will not tolerate sluggish or badly displayed websites and will swiftly move on to the competition.
Furthermore, search engine Google announced in January that it intends to downgrade all sites which are not mobile friendly.

Autus Web Design & Marketing Clients John Atherton Autos Ltd based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, commissioned us to create a redesigned website geared towards responsive design. John Atherton Autos Ltd, specialise in vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair and have an excellent reputation for customer service.

If you would like to discover more about responsive design, and how your business could benefit from it call David Clough on 0161 278 2534 for a no cost consultation.

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