Finlay Fuels are on a mission to lower the cost of heating oil to their customers in Northern Ireland. A combination of energy efficient logistical innovations and astute businesses practices has led to smiles on the faces of thousands of satisfied customers. Finlay Fuel tactics include:

  • Bulk buying. Finlay Fuels specialise in the distribution  of 28 sec kerosene heating oil. They deal in vast quantities and can therefore negotiate the best possible prices from their suppliers.
  • No storage costs. Finlay Fuels do not store heating oil. They collect 28 sec kerosene direct from oil terminals across Northern Ireland and deliver directly to customers homes. Point to point delivery reduces transportation costs, reduces their carbon footprint and reduces the cost of fuel oil to their customers.
  • Hi tech delivery. All Finlay Fuel tankers are equipped with on-board computers that calculate optimum routes and delivery schedules. A ‘top up’ delivery option means that customers can have heating oil delivered whenever a fuel tanker is in the neighbourhood, saving on costs and ensuring the customer is never without fuel.
  • Hi tech ordering. Maybe not so hi tech these days but an on-line ordering capability allows Finlay Fuels to plan delivery routes and dates to optimum effect.

Many households in Northern Ireland operate dual fuel systems. Finlay Fuels have responded to this need and are an authorised Flo Gas dealer, delivering bottled gas and gas cylinders directly to their customers.

For more information check out the Autus-designed Finlay Fuels website at

Finlay Fuels – Lowering the cost of heating oil in Northern Ireland