The last word in stunning design technology, these radiators are one of the most versatile products to hit the bathroom the market in recent years. Standard radiators can be clumpy and unattractive, taking up space and sometimes with untidy pipework which can spoil a decorative scheme. The only option has been to apply a radiator cover which in themselves are limited in design and add to any existing bulkiness. Ultra slim  and unobtrusive glass radiators come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes providing a seductive focul point in your home. There is a great choice of options such as clear or coloured glass, personalised image selection, marble panels and mirrored Рwith or without towel rails, which are ideal for bathrooms. An individual effect is obtained by choosing a picture or design of your own to be placed onto the radiator surface providing an interesting piece of artwork in each room. There is also a vast array of RAL colours and shades available allowing precise co-ordination when decorating.  Glass radiators can be wall mounted, free standing, ceiling mounted and are complimented by a range of chrome, stainless steel or coloured fixtures and fittings.