Autus clients TK Air Conditioning are delighted with the launch of their new seo website. The website showcases some of the excellent project work carried out by this nationwide air conditioning company. Featured within the project detail is a spectacular video of the external air conditioning equipment being installed the roof of a hotel at Kings Cross, London during installation. The TKAC Off Site Manufacturing process came into play in this instance culminating in a smooth placement and a successfully completed project.

The new website has benefited from various other features, including a client area allowing clients to access information such as health and safety or product specifications. A blog is in place which will carry news of new equipment, updates on activities and pieces of interest relating to the industry.

Clients will be able to access the TKAC team via an interactive online form on the Service Call Out Request facility. They can use this to report and explain any issues, enabling a more streamlined and accurate response.

TK Air Conditioning offers a 5 year enhanced installation warranty on its air conditioning installations. This popular initiative provides parts and labour cover for 5 years leaving the customer with only the predictable routine maintenance outlay. There is no added cost apart from the cost of the regular maintenance contract.