When choosing a double glazing company careful consideration should be given to the companies past record of customer service, and the quality of products and services offered. Double glazing is an important requirement in the drive for energy efficiency particularly in the home. This is demonstrated by the fact that one fifth of a homes heat is lost through its windows costing the householder extra money. Double glazed windows can reduce a family’s carbon footprint and contribute towards saving the environment.

A clever system involving a thin layer of air or argon gas held between two panes of glass keeps cold air out and warm air from escaping. Noise is also blocked and cannot easily penetrate through double glazed windows. Careful choice of the double glazing company is crucial to help ensure customer satisfaction. Things to check include whether or not the company is FENSA registered. The Fenestration Self Assessment body is a home owner protection regulator, who carry out inspections within the glazing industry. Another good sign is evidence of products supplied with Energy Saving Trust [EST] certification and the British Fenestration Rating Council [BFRC]

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