A wig or hairpiece can give you the look you always dreamed of whether you desire a complete change of hairstyle, colour, thickness or length. Before making your final decision it will help to discover which shapes of wig are the perfect for your face shape. There are certain tried and tested ways of going about this and one of the most popular methods is that of drawing around your reflection onto a mirror. This will usually determine which shape of face you have allowing you to make the right decisions, saving you time and money. You may share your face shape with one of your favourite celebs, and noticing the kind of styles they go for can give you ideas you may like to try.

For instance if your face is oval shaped you have something in common with Cameron Diaz and Mariah Carey and the Brittany wig byAmore with its tousled length would look great on you. If you have an oblong face like Gabrielle Reece or Gwyneth Paltrow you could choose cute and sassy Lizzy from Rene of Paris. Heart shaped faces suit a pretty bobbed style like Codi by Amore which is also a good look for the likes of Michelle Pfeifer and Claudia Schiffer. If your face is more rounded you share that feature with Katy Perry and Kate Winslet meaning a wig shape similar to the sophisticated Natsu by Sentoo is an option.

Famous faces that are square shaped include Calister Flockhart and Demi Moore who like you would suit the breathtaking Marie wig from the Amore range. Finally Martine McCutcheon and Victoria Beckham are celebrities with triangular shaped faces so confident styles likeMitsu from Sentoo are ideal for both them and you if you find thats your face shape. Stellar Wigs offer a vast range of brand name luxury wigs to suit everyone at great prices. Take a look at the Stellar Wigs SEO website and be spoilt for choice.